Key Projects

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility at Sea-Tac International Airport (A.R.F.F.) Port of Seattle

Constructed a super-sized fire refractory urn just adjacent to the 2nd runway in which firefighters trained day or night igniting jet fuel and using airplane fuselage structures to simulate real emergency fire conditions. Installed three different types of drainage, with some of the pipes flowing to an environmental waste pond. Despite designs requiring trenching to 30 feet below grade for drainage, as well as difficult time constraints and a wet winter, the project was delivered to the Port of Seattle on time and on budget.
General Manager/President

Snohomish County 911 Emergency Support Center (Everett)

Due to a tremendous amount of planning and coordination with the City of Everett, Snohomish County, coroner’s office, and other entities, together with the use of temporary support electric generators, the project was completed with no interruption of power or telephone transmission to the region. This emergency facility supported a large portion of the 911 response in Snohomish County including the coroner’s office.
General Manager/President

Fishing Fleet Marina, Port of Tacoma (Tacoma)

Constructed a large fishing net storage facility, including a dry dock grid and other dock moorage improvements. Construction included installation of bull rails and pouring concrete pile caps over water. The biggest challenge was working around the clock while coordinating construction between high and low tides. The project had to be completed by March 15 in order for the salmon run to return unaffected by the construction and the use of creosote. Despite 40 change orders to the contract, and with no additional days allowed due to the salmon run, the project was completed one day ahead of schedule.
General Manager/President

Evergreen Fairgrounds Equestrian Facility (Monroe)

Doubled the square footage of the covered state fairgrounds’ facilities. Added a large open span arena for equestrian riding, and designed and built two large horse barns holding 220 new horse stalls. The key to the success of the project involved pouring concrete foundations below the water table, which was completed by using the tremmi tube method. This method saved large amounts of money and was passed on to the owner. This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
VP of Construction

Des Moines Public Library (Des Moines)

Dealing with bad weather and a difficult site, the 11,000 square foot library was completed on schedule and under budget. The 65-foot reading room is clear spanned by glue-laminated beams weighing up to 7,000 pounds each. Special insulation and plaster with shock absorbing soundproofing systems, as well as triple glazed windows overcame noise from nearby Sea-Tac Airport. The library received an award for its fine plasterwork.
General Manager/President

300 Unit Family Housing, United States Navy (Chico, WA)

Involved in the design development team selection and competition. The 50 acre rolling hill winter start had record rain fall which made for an extremely challenging site. Worked closely with the Commander, and ROIC officers in connection with the construction and occupancy of the 54 building project.

Ralph’s Grocery & Delicatessen (Downtown Seattle)

Complete major renovation including full kitchen and replacement of gondolas signage graphics and more, all coordinated carefully within a very busy high traffic location. The work was completed in 8 days after start of construction. A triple shift effort. Owner was ecstatically pleased at the quality and speed of the renovation.
Owners Representative In Charge of Construction

Sixty-01 Condominium (Redmond)

Converting this 770-unit complex from apartments to condominiums was the largest conversion in the United States at the time. Completed and closed 30-35 units per month. This $40 million award-winning project noted for its excellent design and creation of ponds, fountains, swans and natural habitat, was completed primarily by our own work force including a full maintenance department, sales office, and construction office.
Special Projects Manager (reported to owner)

United Savings & Loan Bank Branch (Seattle)

As a repeat client, this bank was constructed with structural brick, pipe columns and glue-laminated beams. We installed Asian enamel - metal full height decorative panels these were imported from China by the owner.. The branch was completed and opened 90 days after ground breaking during winter.
Project Superintendent

Henry Broderick Building Renovation (Seattle)

For the renovation of this 1890s era building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District, started with substantial demolition, and performed a major asbestos abatement. The project required underpinning the huge gravity mat foundations that held up large eight-story non-reinforced gravity brick walls. Shoring up the 30-inch thick brick walls, using a needle shoring method and then removing the wall below. The work was completed within a tight schedule and within budget, utilizing a manpower curve for a workforce of up to 90. VP Construction

TRA/Columbia Building Lobby (Seattle)

Completely renovated an early 20th century building lobby in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District where architects, interior designers, and structural engineers worked to design, permit, and locate fine finishes, some of which were imported from Europe and Asia. The project received a national award from the National Plaster Association for the intricate plaster that intertwined with the imported European marble used in the project.
VP Construction

Endolyne Gardens Condominiums / Mixed-Use (Seattle)

This site had an Arco gas station for over 40 years and had significant ground contaminates, took care of the abatement and remediation of materials, exporting them to an environmental dump site, with new structural fill imported, placed, and compacted per specifications. During the master use permitting process the project underwent an environmental impact, being within 200 feet of a major creek with neighbor opposition. It proceeded to two levels of hearing examinations and an appeal that finally ended up before the Seattle City Council. The council rendered a decision that allowed the project to proceed. Despite the disruptions, the project was constructed and completed still holding to the original budget.
General Manager/President/Developer

Vintage Housing

Obtained an $8.5 million grant from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. For the 102 unit mixed use project in Burien, packaged, permitted, and completed right of way improvements. The project sold to another Developer.

Markey Machinery, Inc.

For this 103 year old manufacturing company, we constructed a new final assembly building, office headquarters, renovated two large machine/fabrication shops, with extensive yard improvements, hazardous clean up, and city right of way improvements on three streets. The $4.6 million project received a green award and came in under budget.
Owner’s Representative

Freshie's Fish House

76 Union station was closed and all tanks, pumps and associated piping was removed then converted to a unique fresh fish market with full kitchen and serving many fish delicacies as well as fish chips, beer, wine and more. Created a destination for Mercer Islanders to appreciate.
Developer / General Contractor