Project Management

Our Construction Project Management services are designed to improve and control the cost and schedule of a project for the Owner's benefit. GCS will manage a timely, cost-efficient, and high quality construction project that benefits the Owners and Developers. We advise on all aspects of the job from pre-construction and design through construction and post-construction closeout. From energy and infrastructure to commercial and residential buildings, our knowledge base spans many industries.

Pre-construction services:

  • Design Phase
    • Conduct Zoning Analysis
    • Assemble design team
    • Develop concept into design
    • Create budget
    • Develop schedule and risk factors
    • Perform Constructability Review
  • Bid Phase
    • Develop program with Owner to choose CM, GC, or to subcontract the work
    • Select and award the construction team

Construction services:

  • Monitor construction team activities tracked against established budget and schedule
  • Overview and status of design and construction through monthly reports and look ahead schedules: 
    • Financial projections versus actual
    • Update construction schedule progress
    • Progress and coordination of all trades
    • Risk Analysis Management
    • Manage critical activities to successful completion of project on time and on budget

Post-construction Services:

  • Timely closout of trades
  • All warrantees, maintenance, and operation manuals and agreements
  • Special inspection reports
  • Final certifications as required by code